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BiciParking Custom

BiciParking Custom

O BiciParking Custom é um estacionamento correto para bicicletas, do tipo Sheffield, que possui uma barra inferior com 15cm de altura que pode ser personalizada por dois métodos:

  • Gravação Laser

  • Serigrafia

Em conjuntos de estacionamentos os Custom são aplicados no exterior para efeitos de branding.

Sheffield type bicycle parking with area for branding.
The branding can be made two ways:

  • Laser engraving on the thick metal plaque
  • Serigraphic painting

It is a solution with a high level of security and ease of use. Its inverted U-shape allows to lock the bicycle's wheels and frame or both at the same time. This parking does not damage the bicycle,
unlike the models for fitting the wheel without frame connection.


  • Correct Bike Parking in Carbon Steel
  • Branding/advertising by laser Cutting or Serigraphic Printing
  • Allows to secure the bike by the wheels, frame or both
  • Available for several floor types - Bolt or Embed
  • Metal treated (Hot dipping /electrolytic /thermal spraying) or electrostatic lacquering.
  • Several RAL colors available or Galvanized finishing


Obrigado, responderemos brevemente.

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