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Bici Charger Wall

UrbanFix Premium

UrbanFix Premium

UrbanFix Premium is the most complete bicycle repair station for autonomous public use. Allows you to carry out corrective or preventive actions on the bicycle, as well as inflate the tires. It is completely autonomous and can be placed anywhere under any conditions.

With 9 tools for 20 bike specific services and an air pump (with a glycerin filled manometer to resist all weather conditions), the Urbanfix Premium was designed so that any bike can be easily maintained or repaired without any sort of complications.

Premium public usage unit designed to help cyclists in their rides, allowing them to have a place to repair the bicycle with its tools and inflate tyres with a pump.
With 9 tools for 20 different bike specific services and an air pump with a glycerin filled manometer. 

Universal support/hanger for any kind of bike.

9 tools (20 services)

Skateboard T-Tool optional

Double Barrel Air Pump with glycerin manometer and reinforced hose.

Areas for branding, signage or advertising purposes.

Several RAL Colours Available

Stainless Steel protections

Where to place the UrbanFix PREMIUM:
Ciclopaths and e Ecopaths

Sports facilities 

Mountain or Road Bike Centres

Public transportation terminals

Hotels that aim to be Bike Friendly 

Universities and Schools

Shopping Areas

1. Supporting hanger designed to hold any type of bicycle with any type of frame (or skateboard)

2. Includes 9 tools to make the most common maintenance and repairing operations

3. Stainless steel protection to avoid painting damages provoked by the tools

4. Ground fixing system on the inside with possible installation in all types of terrain

5. PVC moulded coating support for complete bike frame protection

6. Manometer (glycerin filled) included

7. High capacity Double Barrel universal Air Pump with  reinforced hose

8. Branding, signage or advertising areas

9. Information and usage graphics with instructions (Multi-Language)

10. MultiValve head /Schräeder/Presta/Dunlop)

11. Skateboard Tool available upon request


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