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Bici Charger Wall

UrbanFix Basic

UrbanFix Basic

Wall mounted service station for bicycles for public use with our patented supporting  4 point hanger and 7 tools for 16 services included (skateboard tool optional)

The URBANfix BASIC uses our patented supporting head, with four pins, that was designed to hold easily but firmly any type of bike with any type of frame (or a skateboard)

It is wall mounted and can be placed in any vertical concrete or bick wall.

All points of contact with the bike are covered in a rubberized material to avoid any scratches on the frame.

The 7 bike specific tools are held with PVC coated cables for maximum protection and durability.
It has a small footprint, makig it perfect for smaller places.



Rubberized Universal Supporting Hanger

7 Bike Specific Tools for 16 services (skateboard tool optional)

PVC Coated Cables

Customizable with Branding

Several RAL colours available

Where to place the UrbanFix BASIC:
Sports facilities 

Mountain or Road Bike Centres

Public transportation terminals

Hotels that aim to be Bike Friendly 

Universities and Schools

Shopping Areas

Public or private garages

URBANfix BASIC +info!
1. Supporting hanger designed to hold any type of bicycle with any type of frame (or skateboard)

2. Includes 7 tools to make the most common maintenance and repairing operations

3. PVC moulded coating support for complete bike frame protection

4. Branding, signage or advertising areas

5. Skateboard Tool available upon request


Thank you, we will answer you soon.

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