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Bici Charger Wall



Trotiparking is a modular parking for multiple scooters/mopeds.
It has a moving security lock, where you can place a locking system of any type, be it a padlock, U-Lock, Cable or Chain.
Available in the following models:

Trotiparkig 4,

Trotiparking 5

Trotiparking 8 

With capacity for 4, 5 or 8 scooters respectively.
It is fully customizable in the RAL color of your choice or hot dip galvanised.

The Trotiparking is a public use parking module. Available with capacity for 4, 5 or 8 mopeds/scooters.

The latch allows users to lock their padlock or U-Lock.

It is a modular equipment that can be placed side by side in order to accommodate as many scooters as you want.

The Trotiparking exists also equipped with a charger for electric scooters.



Modular and available in multiple capacity (4,5 or 8)

Universal locking for multiple types of locking (Padlock, U-Lock, Cable or Chain)

Areas for branding, signage or advertising purposes.

Several RAL Colours Available

Can also be hot dip galvanised

Where to place the TROTIPARKING:
Ciclopaths and e Ecopaths

Sports facilities 

Public transportation terminals

Universities and Schools (even primary)

Shopping Areas

Trotiparking +info!
1. Multi-compatible closing mechanism 

2. Bolted to the ground

3. Branding, signage or advertising areas

4. Several RAL Colours available

8. Sizes:

  • Trotiparking 4 - 1390x750x200mm
  • Trotiparking 5 - 1750x750x200mm
  • Trotiparking 8 - 2120x750x200mm