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Cycle Lane Delineator Zebra® ZERO

Cycle Lane Delineator Zebra® ZERO

The Zebra Bike Lane delineator is a quick and easy to implement solution that helps to segregate traffic effectively and safely. The Zebra ZERO, is the new creation that is lighter and has four anchoring points.

The Zebra ZERO Bike Path delineator is the new creation by Zicla that makes it possible to create a bike path quickly and in a scalable and adaptable way.

It is made of plastic that is composed by urban waste of municipal origin, therefore having a small carbon footprint. Also, the material used in the Zebra® Zero delineator is lighter and weighs approximately 40% less than the conventional ones.

The Zebra® Zero segregator has four anchoring points to the floor for greater and better fixation.


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