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Zebra Planter - Cycle Lane Delineator

Zebra Planter - Cycle Lane Delineator

The Cycle Lane Delineating Planters are a quick and easy-to-implement solution that helps municipalities to segregate traffic effectively and safely, protecting cyclists and other users from car traffic.

Cycle Path Delineator Planter

The Zicla Jardinera (Planter) Cycle Path Delineator is a product designed to segregate car traffic from bicycle lanes that can be placed along the way or at the intersections of garages and service areas.
This equipment contains an integrated water tank and therefore requires very little maintenance. It can be stackable in height for better visibility. It also has reflective bands (with retroreflective microspheres) to ensure high visibility both in the day and night time.

The Zicla Floreira Cycle Path Delineator is weather resistant thanks to the materials used in its construction (100% recycled LLPDE).


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