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Bici Charger Wall

BiciTrails SMART

BiciTrails SMART

BiciTrails SMART is an informaton panel made of recyced materials that includes electronics to allow you to download the trails you want to ride into your GPS device/Smartphone.

BiciTrails SMART is an outdoor information panel produced in Recycled Plastic, Wood or Metal with printed UV information, designed for MTB centers and pedestrian routes.
The traditional design of the panel allows for quick and clear reading of the rails as well as other additional information.
But BICItrails SMART is not just an informative panel. It is also a station that allows users to download to the GPS device or Smartphone the trails and respective touristic routes.
The best of both worlds!
As an option, BICItrails SMART can be equipped with a solar panel making it a self-sustaining equipment.


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