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Bici Charger Wall

BiciSafe Smart

BiciSafe Smart

The BiciSAFE SMART is an anti-theft and extra-robust bicycle locker that operates via an APP.
With the APP you can find, open, close, rent or pay-per-use, att he touch of a smartphone screen.

The Bicisafe SMART fits two bikes on separate compartments.

The BICIsafe SMART is a robust two bike safe with operation trough our APP. THe APP management is very simple and made in an intuitive backoffice.

It allows you to create a database of users, control access, real time online data reports and may include a payment method if you need.
With the email registry system you can manage, authorize or restrict access to the unit.
There is no need to manage keys or payments, everything is done automatically within the APP.
With this system you know at all times who, when and for how long the lockers are used.

Because of its robustness, it gives users confidence that their bike is safely stored.



  • Anti-theft Design, Materials and Locking System
  • Smartphone Access (Android & iOS)
  • Unlimited users
  • No need for Electricity
  • On-line Management Platform
  • Fully Customizable/Branding
  • Can Work in Sets


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