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Bici Charger Wall

BiciPump PLUS

BiciPump PLUS

Air Pump with manometer and 6 tools made for public use in indoor or outdoor spaces.
Designed to suit all types of bicycles, having a multi-head valve that fits both Presta, Dunlop and Schraeder valves, not needing electricity for operating. The BICIpump PLUS is also prepared to serve other micromobility vehicles such as mopeds and wheelchairs.

It has a stainless steel basket on the back that carries 6 bike specific tools, for more than 15 services.

The BiciPump Plus is an Air Pump made for public use in indoor or outdoor spaces that includes 6 bike specific tools.

It is prepared to inflate tires of Mountain, Road, Trekking, Cargo and UrbanBikes without the need for electricity.

Also prepared to serve all types of micromobility devices such as mopeds, scooters and wheelchairs.


Made for Urban Spaces – Ultra Robust

Universal Valve Head

No Need for Electricity


Where to place the BiciPUMP PLUS:

Urban Spaces

Schools and Universities

Companies and Bike Hotels

Transport Interfaces


BiciPUMP PLUS +info!

1. Several RAL colours available

2. Manometer (glycerin filled)

3. Reinforced hose

4. Branding, signage or advertising areas

5. Information and usage graphics with instructions (Multi-Language)

6. MultiValve head /Schräeder/Presta/Dunlop)

7. Sturdy design with ground fixing system on the inside with possible installation in all types of terrain

8. Screwing galvanised base (upon request)

9. 6 Tools (Screwdriver, Philips, 2 Tyre Levers, Allen Key set, Spanner)

10. No need for electricity