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Bici Charger Wall

BiciParking Sign

BiciParking Sign

Sheffield type bike parking with integrated Bike parking Sign. 

Structure made of carbon steel and customisable in any RAL Colour. Sign in aluminum with reflective vinyl.

This bike stand has the classic Sheffield Stand shape with an integrated post and parking sign.
Clearly identified as a bike parking spot only. The sign is made of aluminum with reflective stickers for maximum visibility.

Can be made to screw or to embedd in the pavement.

This parking does not damage the bicycle, unlike the models for fitting just the wheel.


  • Correct parking in Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum sign with reflective vinyl (highly visible)
  • Allows you to secure the bike by the wheels, frame or both
  • Compact
  • Available for several floor types - Bolt or Embed
  • Galvanising (Hot dipping /electrolytic /thermal spraying) and electrostatic lacquering.
  • Several RAL colors available or Galvanised


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