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Bici Charger Wall

BiciParking Easy10 KIDZ

BiciParking Easy10 KIDZ

Modular Bike Parking for Children's bikes . The Biciparking KIDZ Easy 10 is of Sheffield Type and has a capacity for 10 bikes.

It is composed of 5 hoops that can be painted any RAL colour youn want, bolted to hot dip galvanised steel rails.

It is ultra sturdy an can be placed in any type of location and any kind of terrain as it is self-standing.

The Biciparking Easy10 KIDZ is a Modular Bike Parking for children's bikes with capacity for 10 bikes. Smaller in size to fit all types of children's bikes and even scooters.


  • Capacity of 10 bikes
  • Parking structures:- Carbon Steel Ø48mm X 3mm
  • Rails in 4cm galvanised steel
  • Several RAL colours available
  • Self-standing
  • Can be bolted to the ground


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