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Bici Charger Wall

BiciCharger Sun+Wind

BiciCharger Sun+Wind

Solar and Wind Powered E-bike Charger


The BiciCharger Sun+Wind is the ultimate choice for an offgrid e-bike charging solution.

Integrated with two Solar Panels and a one-meter wind turbine, this charging station will generate power, regardless of any type of weather.
Electricity is stored within the unit, available at the push of a button.

Ecological Charging Station for Electric Bicycles and other Electric Mobility Devices powered with solar and wind energy.

The Bicicharger Sun+Wind  is the ultimate choice for off-grid charging solutions. Integrated with two solar panels and a wind turbine, this charging station will generate power regardless of the weather.

The electricity is stored within the unit, available at the push of a button. Thanks to its height and colors, this model will be spotted easily by its users.


  • Does not require external power.
  • The energy generated is stored inside the station.
  • Timer button for charging activation (automatic power switch)
  • Resistant to vandalism and weather conditions (IP55 certification).
  • Allows simultaneous charging for 2 bicycles and 2 USB devices.
  • Can also charge wheelchairs, electric scooters and electronic equipment (optional extra USB sockets).


Bicicharger SUN+WIND +info:

  • Power Sockets: 2 Sockets + 4 USB
  • Energy: Solar Panel (2x30W) 
  • Wind Turbine (max.300W)
  • Start Switch Initiates 1 hour charge
  • Batteries: 2 batteries of 50Ah
  • Several RAL Colours Available
  • Anti-Theft
  • Anti-climbing protection
  • Features of the Sockets: Waterproof Ip55; Impact-resistant IK10
  • Safety Protected alveoli; Childproof
  • Coating: EPD certified anti-corrosion and powder coating
  • Material. Steel S235 4mm


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