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Bici Charger Wall

Bici Charger Wall

Bici Charger Wall

The BICIcharger WALL is a sturdy design wall-mounted, e-bike and micro-mobility charging
unit that allows you to recharge the batteries of 3 electric devices simultaneously.
Developed to be applied on vertical surfaces, it is completely vandal-proof and has certified
sockets with protected alveoli.
This charger comes with three childproof and waterproof power sockets.
Because it is connected to the grid, it is very simple to use.

Just plug in and charge your device!

Sturdy and resistant wall-mounted, e-bike and micromobility charging equipment.


  • Number of Charging Points - 3 Sockets or USB
  • Protection - Waterproof Ip55; Impact-resistant IK10
  • Protected Alveoli - Childproof
  • Installation - Wall Mounted
  • Load/output - Max 16A/230V
  • Material - Steel S235 4mm
  • Treatment - Anti-Corrosion
  • Mounting structure (legs) available upon request


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